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Patent Prosecution
Shepherding your ideas through the patent process is a core client service. Clients look to us to perform patentability analyses, draft and file patent applications, and then follow-through with post-issuance protection, including reissue and re-examination proceedings. While addressing the practicalities of prosecuting individual patents and patent families, we do not lose sight of how those results affect the client’s entire portfolio, as well as your institutional development goals.

Strategic IP Counseling
Clients seeking to take a strategic approach to their IP program will ask us to provide competitive landscape studies to understand their own IP position in the context of their industry, develop timelines to understand what technology has passed into the public domain, as well as freedom-to-operate studies to proactively ensure a clear path to commercialization.

Maximizing the value of existing IP is a goal many of our clients share. On the corporate side, we help you implement technology-harvesting programs, advise on product coverage and marking, and help you minimize ongoing prosecution and maintenance costs. These portfolio management skills have been adapted and applied to existing portfolios.

Portfolio Management
Maximizing the value of existing IP is a goal many of our clients share. We help you implement technology harvesting programs, advise on product coverage and marking, and help you minimize ongoing prosecution and maintenance costs.

IP Transactions/Due Diligence
Intellectual Property has become a major organizational asset that can be bought, traded, licensed or sold. We advise buyers and sellers throughout the process of technology acquisitions and divestitures, performing due diligence on the scope of protection afforded by IP assets, the freedom to commercialize the technology to be acquired and ownership of the IP in the deal. We also draft the agreements associated with IP transactions, including technology licenses, joint development agreements and many other types of agreements that enable you to acquire new IP or monetize existing IP assets. 

Technology Transfer
Our professionals have extensive experience in technology transfer, having worked with institutional clients and their partners around the country and around the world.  We understand the unique needs related to institutional inventors and technology commercialization of their inventions.

When a client is uncertain about possible infringement or validity issues, the firm’s attorneys can perform an infringement or validity study and deliver a thorough, well-reasoned legal opinion that can inform your future business decisions and guard against enhanced damages. The attorneys can also advise you of design alternatives and work-around strategies when the risk of infringement is unacceptable.

Meunier Carlin & Curfman LLC advises clients on mark selection by assessing freedom-to-operate in the U.S. and foreign countries. Once a mark has been identified, we protect the mark by prosecuting it through to registration.  Also, we help you police your marks by identifying and reporting on conflicting trademark applications and potentially infringing activities.

Pre-Litigation Counseling & Litigation
IP is the lifeblood of many organizations and, at times, needs to be defended. With our thorough understanding of a client’s rights, the competitive landscape, the state of the patent law and the patent office’s rules of practice, Meunier Carlin & Curfman is well-equipped to advise you on all measures that can be deployed to protect your IP or protect you against spurious IP claims, up to and including litigation.  

Additional Client Services
The professionals at Meunier Carlin & Curfman are more than technicians providing cookie-cutter solutions that fail to address your business needs. We aspire to be your strategic partner in innovation. To that end, we offer creative combinations of the above-listed IP services and other, less traditional IP services, to our clients, such as guidance on legislative issues affecting your IP and your industry, educational presentations for your team members and launching more sophisticated IP capture and creation programs. If your business goals include IP, we will listen carefully and craft custom solutions that fit your specific needs.

"Value Without Compromise"

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