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Major research universities present a unique environment for the development, capture and disposition of intellectual property assets. Aspects such as competing interests, board mandates, budgeting and administrative policies, funding concerns and even legislative and regulatory constraints can all substantially affect the results a university, a research team or any other stakeholder might hope to achieve through discovery and innovation.

Meunier, Carlin & Curfman provides guidance and practical solutions based on our collective years of experience working with the nation’s top research institutions. We work with public and private institutions across a broad spectrum of technologies and industries with a diverse set of goals and objectives. We are uniquely qualified to bring value to universities through our lower cost structure and high-quality, responsive work product. Meunier Carlin & Curfman works efficiently across all levels of university faculty and administration to quickly identify appropriate strategies and to follow through with agile implementation.

Additionally, we are well-adept in helping our university and research clients in developing licensable technologies, and providing you with a valuable patent at a reasonable cost. We have helped many large, state institutions focus their resources on licensable technologies by performing a patentability analysis that goes far beyond a simple prior art search. The analysis includes prosecution strategies driven by the ultimate licensable product and method. It allows the university to focus its resources and allocate them in the most efficient way possible.

Representative Professionals

Larry Aaronson
Eric Andreansky PhD
Tony Askew
Greg Carlin
Janell Cleveland
Chris Curfman PhD
Chris Glass
Miles Hall, D.V.M.
Shirlene Jackson-Beckford PhD
Jessica Keesee
Trey Levie
Drew Meunier
David Moreland
Rachel Near PhD
Lisa Pavento
Steve Schaetzel
Paul Tanpitukpongse
A.J. Zucchero PhD

"Value Without Compromise"

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