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Meunier Carlin & Curfman has an exceptionally strong medical device practice.  Two of our partners have unique backgrounds particularly well-suited for medical device applications.  Miles Hall is a doctor of veterinary medicine and much of his practice is on medical devices.  Greg Carlin is a former orthopedics researcher and in-house patent attorney with a major cardiovascular technology company.  When IP issues arise in combination devices that include biologics or drugs, we often team a chemist or biologist with a mechanical specialist.  This allows for high level supervision and strategic counseling of medical device technology with primary mechanical, electrical, computer and biomedical aspects, as well as inventions that are a cross between multiple disciplines.

Beyond just the technical expertise, the attorneys and agents of our firm have experience in a full range of IP services for the medical device field.  Our patent prosecution experience grounds our technical expertise and informs our provision of services in the litigation and transactional areas.  Our clients include several major international medical device corporations, multiple growth and startup stage companies, and a number of major institutional clients, reflecting our dedication to the medical device industry.

We have also worked on medical device technology for a number of universities.  Our university representation is in some of the most challenging technical areas on the forefront of medical device technology.  The university inventors, on the cutting edge of medical technology research, often demand technical expertise capable of a quick and thorough understanding of their inventions.

We recently assisted a major cardiovascular company in litigation that yielded the client over $1 billion in damages and licensing fees.  At the other end of the spectrum, our IP services helped move startup clients from inception through funding and eventual exit.

Representative Professionals
Larry Aaronson
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Greg Carlin
Janell Cleveland
David Cornett
Yan Feng PhD
Chris Glass
Miles Hall, D.V.M.
John Harbin
Shirlene Jackson-Beckford PhD
Brian Johnson
Jessica Keesee
Gibson Lanier PhD
Trey Levie
Drew Meunier
David Moreland
Lisa Pavento
Rebecca Rudich
Amanda Smith PhD
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Paul Tanpitukpongse
Jonathan Waldman
A.J. Zucchero PhD

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