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In the era of booming software and biotechnology development, mechanical technologies are often overlooked in the media.  However, mechanical technologies are often no less complex or commercially important than software, electronics and biotechnology.  Oftentimes, the mechanical technology is embedded in chemical or software inventions, such as in the medical device or robotics fields.  Regardless, our group of mechanical specialists treat every mechanical invention as an important advance that warrants careful work. 

Our mechanical specialists have backgrounds in mechanical engineering, have spent many years perfecting their skills on mechanical patent drafting and/or have worked in industry.  (Some even spend their weekends racing cars and motorcycles.)  Rather than doing mechanical prosecution as a sideline to other technical specialties, our mechanical practitioners have an understanding of the physical principals enabling mechanical inventions to accomplish their functions.  We do not stop at merely rote labels for mechanical inventions.  Rather than simply claiming a gear using the word “gear,” we may, when warranted, consider the surface geometry, weight distribution, hardness and other factors that actually accomplish the function.

Representative Professionals
Tony Askew
Matthew Burton
Greg Carlin
Jay Cline
Brian Genco
Jessica Keesee
Trey Levie
Drew Meunier
David Moreland
Bill Pannell
Rebecca Rudich
Steve Schaetzel
Amanda Smith PhD
Meredith Struby
Paul Tanpitukpongse

"Value Without Compromise"

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